Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tradition Day!

On November 10th it is celebrated in Argentina the "Día de la Tradición" (Day of the Tradition), in commemoration of José Hernandez, the most traditional Argentine poet, who this day was born in the year 1834.

In his famous book " Martín Fierro ", edited in 1872, he described the life of the "Gauchos" in the Pampa, his uses and customs.

The tradition of a people is all that that separates it from the others and identifies it.
Every community has its own traditions, his way of living, his art, his typical dances, through its folklore, which they preserve across the time and children are transmitted from parents..

In the "Day of the Traditio ", several acts are realized, specially outside Buenos Aires, where there are dances, "asados" (roasts), "domas de potros" (tamings of colts), "carreras de sortijas" (races of rings), etc. and they are a very important tourist attraction.

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